Weak Measurements of Trajectories

  • Detlef Dürr
  • Dustin Lazarovici


We showed in the previous chapter that the Bohmian velocity of a particle cannot be measured according to ( 7.24). But by now there are many measurement experiments which report on successful measurements of Bohmian velocities. So what is going on? The answer is that these measurements are not of the form so far discussed. The new way of measuring is called weak measurement. It is a measurement in which the wave function of the measured particle (system) is only weakly disturbed. The theory of weak measurements has been developed quite generally for all observables, but for didactic reasons, we shall stick to weak measurements of position, which are relevant for experiments to measure trajectories. And since the measured trajectories are Bohmian, we shall remain for the moment in the realm of Bohmian mechanics.

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