Prospects for Reform of China’s Electric Power Sector

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This final chapter seeks to summarise some of the key issues emerging from the previous chapters on the prospects for the reform of the Chinese electric power sector. In Sect. 5.1 we begin with some of the high-level messages from the previous four chapters. In Sect. 5.2 we comment on recent developments with the provincial power reform pilots across China. We then move on and make some suggestions for immediate next steps in Sect. 5.3. In Sect. 5.4 we discuss the fundamental issues that are raised in China by power sector reform. In Sect. 5.5 we end with some key messages for different stakeholder groups within the power sector, namely, policymakers, regulators, generators, retailers and the grid companies (specifically, State Grid Company of China [SGCC] and China Southern Grid [CSG]).


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