Tales from the East End: Dialogic and Confessional Storytelling as Therapy (?) in the Plays of Philip Ridley

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Storytelling is an enduring trope in Philip Ridley’s plays, but its form and emphasis changes throughout his work. Starting with Ken Urban and Andrew Wyllie’s ideas that the nostalgic storytelling in Ridley’s plays is either a sickness or a therapy, respectively, Badham argues that both the dialogic and confessional styles of storytelling that Ridley utilizes offer opportunities for therapy, confession and catharsis. The question is how do these two styles of storytelling impact the possibilities for healing or recuperation? Whilst the traditional dialogic form used in Vincent River (2000) lends itself to a traditional Aristotelian resolution, the direct address of Dark Vanilla Jungle (2013) and Tonight with Donny Stixx (2015) results in a more problematic ending for both protagonist and audience.


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