Film from Oligopoly to The Angel’s Share

  • Ian Brown


This chapter explores the development of filmic performances of Scottishness from the early twentieth-century focus on adaptations of Scott, Stevenson and Barrie. During that century, a wide range of more complex, though nonetheless still mythic, versions of Scotland were performed on film. These include early and continuing tropes of Scotland as wild, Highland, romantic and locus for truth-finding. Mid-century, another trope emerged focusing on industrial and urban Scotland and John Grierson’s influence is discussed. Critical assaults on such specific versions of Scottishness, including Brigadoon, are analysed in detail, as is the variety of harsh, but also often satirically comic, films of the last three decades. Film’s versionising of performed Scottishness has this century created an aesthetically, thematically and industrially diverse Scottish cinema.


Screen adaptation Documentary Satiric comedy Highlandism Indigenous cinema 

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