Optical Microcavities for Polariton Studies

  • Arash Rahimi-ImanEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 229)


In the past two decades, optical microcavities with very high optical quality and their rapid development substantially enabled the achievement of polariton condensation and the investigation of bosonic many-body phenomena such as superfluidity and Bose–Einstein condensation . Similarly, the demonstration of a polariton-laser device strongly relied on technological advances in the fabrication of multi-quantum-well (QW) microresonators. In this context, the general design and concept of optical structures for polariton physics will be summarized and the prominent example of a planar microcavity based on III/V semiconductors introduced. Beginning with the concept of planar Fabry–Pérot microcavities with an optical cavity sandwiched between Bragg mirrors, the principles of QW-based polariton structures will be explained. Thereafter, the resonator properties such as the transmission function, density of states and quality factor will be summarized which are relevant for the experimental realization of polaritons in practical structures.


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