A Survey on Applications of Internet of Things in Healthcare

  • Naghma Khatoon
  • Sharmistha RoyEmail author
  • Prashant Pranav
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Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is a revolution in patient’s care with improved diagnosis, real examining and preventive as well as real treatments. The IoT in healthcare consists of sensors enabled smart devices that accurately gather data for further analysis and actions. By using real time data, the devices permit monitoring, tracking and management in order to enhance healthcare. Due to the efficiency of IoT, the information gathered imparts improved judgment and decreases risks of committing mistakes. IoT can also be employed for preventing machines failures which are pros as this can enhance the reliability and quality when it comes to the patient’s supply chain responsiveness. This paper presents a relative survey of applications of IoT in healthcare system.


Internet of Things Wireless Body Area Network Wireless sensor networks Wearable sensors Healthcare system 


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  • Sharmistha Roy
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