Design and Analysis of Wideband Antenna for Biomedical Purposes

  • Ankit Kumar Chaubey
  • AmitEmail author
  • Satya Sai Srikant
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A wideband rectangular formed micro strip patch antenna has been intended for biomedical purpose covering the 2.45 GHz recurrence band. Two parallel openings are joined to irritate the surface current way, presenting neighbourhood inductive impact that is in charge of the excitation of the second resounding mode. The length of the middle arm can be cut to tune the recurrence of the second thunderous mode without influencing the major resounding mode. An exhaustive parametric investigation has been done to comprehend the impacts of different dimensional parameters and to streamline the execution of the antenna. A substrate of low dielectric consistent is chosen to get a minimal transmitting structure that meets the requesting data transfer capacity determination. The reflection coefficient at the contribution of the upgraded rectangular formed micro strip patch antenna is underneath −10 dB over the whole recurrence band. The estimation results are in fantastic concurrence with the HFSS 15.v re-enactment results.


Biomedical purpose Wideband Microstrip patch Prove feed Health monitoring 


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