Privacy and Security in Smart and Precision Farming: A Bibliometric Analysis

  • Sanaz NakhodchiEmail author
  • Ali Dehghantanha
  • Hadis Karimipour


By using IoT in agriculture which is used for remote monitoring and automation bring a new concern about security and privacy, due to facing huge scale of data in its environment. Most studies aim to present novel solutions for providing a framework or an application to protect data and prevent data breach. However, in spite of many articles to support research activities, there is still no publication of bibliometric report that considers the research trends. This paper aims to providing comprehensive assess about security and privacy in smart farming researches and fill in the gap. All publications of ISI Web of Science database are considered which was about 150 between 2008 and 2018. By using bibliometric analysis, the number of publications along with the number of citations discusses. This paper also presents analysis by focusing on countries and continents, research areas, authors, institutions, terms and keywords.


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