Signal Phasing

  • Daiheng Ni


Phase is a period of time during which one or more movements receive right-of-way, and the act of determining which phases to use and which movements to include is called phasing. Closely related to phasing are sequencing which is the act of arranging the order of phases for safety and efficiency purposes and timing which is the act of determining the length and splits of each phase. Phasing is the focus of this chapter, and sequencing will be discussed in the next chapter since it depends on how left-turn movements are treated. Once phasing and sequencing are determined, timing of each phase can be calculated which will be the topic of the chapter that follows. Collectively, phasing, sequencing, and timing constitute the development of a timing plan for a signalized intersection.


Signal Phasing Phase configuration Right-of-way Left turn Yellow trap NEMA phase naming convention Ring and barrier diagram 

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