Two-Dimensional Channel Plasmons in Nonplanar Geometries

  • Paulo André Dias GonçalvesEmail author
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The ability to effectively guide electromagnetic radiation below the diffraction limit is of the utmost importance in the prospect of all-optical circuitry. Indeed, one of the most prominent applications of SPPs for optoelectronic technologies is the use of plasmonic waveguiding structures to route electromagnetic radiation in the subwavelength regime. On the other hand, the rise of graphene as a novel plasmonic material has attracted a great deal of attention owing to the prospect of long-lived, gate-tunable graphene plasmons that are capable of producing large field confinements in the THz and mid-IR. Nonplanar graphene plasmons have recently gained interest, but the investigation of graphene channel plasmons still remains largely unexplored. The goal of this chapter is to provide a comprehensive theoretical description of the salient features of graphene plasmons guided along the apex of a graphene-covered triangular wedge or groove.


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