Critical Offset Distance of Center Plate Based on Wheelset Lateral Force Factor

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The center plate is the rotation center of the car body and the bogie. The center plate offset means a certain longitudinal distance exists between the center plate and the geometric center of the bogie, which significantly affects the lateral force distribution of the front and rear wheelsets when the vehicle passes curve. This study proposed the concept of the wheelset lateral force factor according to the specification of the wheelset lateral force limit axle in EN14363. The formula for calculating the wheelset lateral force of a tram with independently rotating wheelset bogie and offset center plate was deduced, and its accuracy was verified by dynamic simulation. On this basis, the calculation formula of the wheelset lateral force factor of the tram was derived, and the relationship between the wheelset lateral force factor and the center plate offset distance was discussed. Based on the principle of minimum wheelset lateral force factor, the critical offset distance of the center plate was obtained. The dynamics simulation results showed that the curving performance of the tram improved when the center plate was at the critical offset distance.


Wheelset lateral force Center plate Critical offset distance 


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    EN14363:2016: Railway applications - Testing and Simulation for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles - Running Behaviour and stationary tests. BSI Standards Publication (2016)Google Scholar

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