Women in Cinematic Representations of the Liberation War

  • Ahmed Bedjaoui
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In our era of generalised decolonisation, the immense female world remains in many respects a colonyGermaine Tillion

The fight that women led in Algeria, alongside men, was remarked everywhere. Some of them were sentenced to death, others died in captivity or in action. Those who are remembered by history, serve as symbols: Zohra Drif, Baya Hocine, Annie Steiner, Djamila Bouhired, and Djamila Boupacha; chosen to respond to the colonial terror, they became, along with their fellow women, legendary figures. These women lastingly registered the freedom of Algerian men and women among the ideals that guided the struggle for independence. Frantz Fanon expressed this objective in his book L’an V de la Révolution algérienne [Year Five of the Algerian Revolution]: “the freedom of the Algerian people is identified with the liberation of women, their entry into history.”

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