Algorithmization of Decision-Making in the Construction of Logical Structures of Databases of Functional Information Systems

  • Vladimir KulikovEmail author
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1116)


Decision-making is the creative process of identifying alternatives and choosing among them a satisfactory solution based on the values and preferences of the decision maker (LPR). This person at present can be directly to the man himself, and, - directly computer. And the methods of decision-making - can be both individual and group. An important factor of difficulties in making decisions is that very often the target function is not set, or its description is a difficult task. There are situations when the researcher himself does not clearly know what exactly he wants to achieve as a result of research, what result to get. It is obvious that in the conditions of computer decision-making, such a process must be formalized on the basis of a deep logical analysis of the probable outcomes of the problem to be solved. This work directly intersects with research in the field (Big Data)”. In the literal sense of the term Big Data, means large in volume (in terabytes, petabytes and etc.,) data. A more precise definition of the term could be “complex data”. The present work is devoted to the search for methods of decision - making formalization of complex data on the basis of database structuring. Model logical database structures were based on the concepts introduced in the text and defined by the author.


Economic system Information system Logical structure Database Logical analysis Decision algorithm Register Value Object Indicator Time Restructuring Connectivity Relationships 


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