Algorithmic and Software Optimization Approach for Diagnosis of High-Precision Positioning Systems

  • Stanislav Gladkikh
  • Valeriy GrechikhinEmail author
  • Anton Lankin
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1116)


This publication describes the algorithmic and software optimization approach for identifying and diagnosing high-precision positioning systems. When constructing such systems, with the aim of the most effective control during operation and production, they use a method based on solving inverse problems. This is an iterative method that requires the use of an optimization algorithm, the use of the method of simplex optimization or simplex planning is proposed, which allows faster and more efficient reduction of the inverse problem to convergence. This approach is often used in solving iterative problems with a small number of factors (less than 6). The authors described the functioning algorithm of the simplex optimization method, examined the problems associated with the impossibility of changing the dimensions of the simplex, and found ways to solve them. Experimental studies based on the simplex optimization method for a deformable polyhedron, reflecting the effectiveness of this approach. The experimental results presented in the table and on the graph show a high convergence rate of the inverse problem (which was obtained for 13 iterations).


Optimization Positioning systems Simplex Algorithmic 



The study results are obtained with the support of the project #2.7193.2017/8.9 “Development of scientific bases of design, identification and diagnosis systems for highly accurate positioning with application of the methodology of inverse problems of electrical engineering”, carried out within the framework of the base part of State job.


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  1. 1.Platov South-Russia State Polytechnic University (NPI)NovocherkasskRussia

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