We Refuse to Hate

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Watching children from diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds play together peacefully makes for memorable moments; it renews faith in humanity and strengthens the belief that hatred is a learned human behavior and not something we are born with.

The recent rise of religion-based discrimination, as in the case of hostility toward Jews, has grave implications. Its negative impact not only on the well-being of its survivors but also on that of the larger society is inestimable.

The trauma inflicted on the Jewish community by hateful and racist words, policies, and actions causes widespread intrapsychic, interpersonal, familial, and societal discord and, if not addressed in a timely manner, can lead to transgenerational dysfunction.

This chapter examines the unique challenges facing people of the Jewish faith during this difficult time of anti-Semitism. It touches not only on the trauma that they go through because of hatred but also on the power of bridge building, bonding, and beauty as tools for hope and healing.


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