FEM Simulation for a MEMS Vibratory Tuning Fork Gyroscope

  • Vu Van TheEmail author
  • Tran Quang Dung
  • Do Thi Kim Lien
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This paper presents a FEM simulation for a MEMS vibratory tuning fork gyroscope with a connecting diamond-shaped frame. This structure is designed and analyzed using ANSYS software to obtain the dynamic parameters of the proposed tuning fork gyroscope. The resonant frequency of the sensing and driving mode is 11582 Hz and 11605 Hz respectively with 23 Hz mismatch frequency. The equivalent stiffness of the connecting frame in they-direction is determined to be 2360 N/m and the stiffness of the flexible beams in driving and sensing are 858 and 725 N/m, respectively. The response of the proof-mass reflects the input angular velocity. The results will be used to set up in an analytical problem to study the dynamic response of the proposed tuning fork gyroscope in the future works.


Tuning forkgyroscope Simulation FEM analysis 


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