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The book is introduced as an attempt to make some sense of the present, particularly in relation to suggestions that notions of time and space have been transformed recently (Jameson, Virilio, Thrift). Placing contemporary times in the wider context of modernity involves tracing the persistence of many “residual” (Williams) elements of modernity itself. Kern’s examination of the “culture of time and space” around 1900 is clearly relevant; however, this book expands the period studied both forwards and backwards to explore the relationship between the “modern”, the “postmodern” and the “contemporary”. The essays of this book draw on very many theories of “the modern” and on a wide range of cultural critics, from those associated with the Frankfurt School to thinkers such as Bauman, Berman, Giddens, Jameson, Latour, Klein, Rancière and Virilio. The individual chapters that follow are briefly introduced.

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