ASL Recognition and Conversion to Speech

  • Simran KharpudeEmail author
  • Vaishnavi Hardikar
  • Gautam Munot
  • Omkar Lonkar
  • Vanita Agarwal
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 44)


The deaf & dumb (or the Mute community) find it a tedious task to converse with ordinary people through sign language. This stands as a hindrance in even the most basic of their activities. It affects their personal development, interpersonal relations and limits the contributions they could otherwise make to society. The prime motive of this project is to provide an easy to use platform for the hard of hearing people to express themselves despite the sign language barrier. We aim to achieve this motive through gesture recognition. Using gesture recognition, we compute the mathematical interpretation of human hand gestures to recognize the signs conveyed by American Sign Language. The system enables real-time hand gesture and speech recognition and provides an innovative and simpler mode of communication for the mute people.


American sign language Background subtraction OpenCV Python speech recognition Convolutional neural network Tensorflow-GPU Real-time 


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  • Simran Kharpude
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  • Vaishnavi Hardikar
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  • Gautam Munot
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  • Omkar Lonkar
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  • Vanita Agarwal
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  1. 1.College of EngineeringPuneIndia

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