A Survey on Big Data Solution for Complex Bio-medical Information

  • Meena MoharanaEmail author
  • Siddharth Swarup Rautaray
  • Manjusha Pandey
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Today’s healthcare system deals with a huge data that needs a larger storage space and proper updating phenomenon. It is so obvious that big data is a buzz word in the field of healthcare. Not only specific to engineering field it ranges from institutional to organizational domain. Also its techniques not only helpful for doing research also in storing, manipulating with the observational or stored data. Many online based companies adopt big data analytical techniques for developing assets or medical equipment, so that respective domain can be benefited while providing treatment to patients. There are such companies’ deals with genomic data and helps in finding the specific reason to particular disease. Applying the big data techniques in medical data helps in finding best result and provide proper treatment to patients. Now it is possible to avoid such difficulties found in past time on giving treatment to patients through traditional methods.


Healthcare and big data Big data in medical research Examples to complex biomedical information Personalized medicines 


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  • Manjusha Pandey
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