Radiation Patterns of Double DNA-Like Helices as Elements of Metamaterials and Antenna Systems

  • Ivan MikhalkaEmail author
  • Igor Semchenko
  • Sergei Khakhomov
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 101)


In this paper a double DNA-like helix as a promising element of metamaterials, metasurfaces and antenna systems for various frequency ranges is considered. The article demonstrates the possibility of creating the required radiation pattern of such a helix, excited by a plane electromagnetic wave by changing its angle of incidence. It is shown, that an incident wave at some angle can activate two wave modes in a helix, each of them propagates with its own phase velocity, and responsible for a certain type of radiation. This effect can be used in passive antenna devices and metamaterials, where the control of the direction of propagation of the reflected wave without changing the frequency of the excitation is required. In addition, the paper provides an overview of the main properties of cylindrical helical radiators, which in the future can be used in fabrication metamaterials and metasurfaces.


DNA-like helix Metamaterial Helical antenna Radiation pattern 


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