A New Technique of Harmonic Currents Extraction Based on a Fuzzy Logic Controller Applied to the PV-SAPF System

  • Asmae Azzam-JaiEmail author
  • Mohammed Ouassaid
Conference paper
Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 7)


In this paper, an efficient new harmonic extraction technique based on a fuzzy logic controller is proposed and applied to a photovoltaic shunt active power filter system (PV-SAPF). So as to overcome the limitation of the conventional Synchronous Reference Frame (SRF) control method of the PVSAPF, using a Low Pass filter (LPF), this new and simple Fuzzy Synchronous Reference Frame technique (FSRF) is proposed. The simulation results, performed in a Matlab/Simulink environment under online variation of system parameters, show that the proposed FSRF technique combined with a Fuzzy Vdc controller gives a fast and an accurate harmonic-extraction results, reduces up to ten times the overshoot than the conventional SRF, minimizes the response time, and significantly decreases the value and the peaks of the total harmonic distortion THD as well.


The harmonic currents extraction A Fuzzy Synchronous Reference Frame technique (FSRF) The dynamic performance improvement The total harmonic distortion THD 


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  1. 1.Engineering for Smart and Sustainable Systems Research Center, Mohammadia School of Engineers (EMI)Mohammed V University in RabatRabatMorocco

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