Sinopia: A New Linked-Data Editing Environment Designed for Libraries

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Linked Data for Production (LD4P): Pathway to Implementation is a grant funded by the Mellon Foundation to begin the implementation of the cataloging community’s shift to linked data for the creation and manipulation of their metadata. Although LD4P has seven overarching goals, the heart of the project will be the creation of a cloud-based, communal editing environment called Sinopia. Sinopia will support the efforts of a cohort of academic libraries in the creation and reuse of their resource metadata as linked data structured according to the BIBFRAME ontology. And by making use of another service created by the grant called Questioning Authority (QA), cohort members will be able to bring in additional identifiers for entities contained in data stores such as the RDA Vocabularies or Wikidata. The initial release of Sinopia will be in July of 2019 with a final release due at the close of the grant in June of 2020.


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The author gratefully acknowledges the grant provided by the Mellon Foundation in support of this project. The author also acknowledges the essential development work of the four partners in the grant (Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, and the School of Library and Information Science of the University of Iowa) as well as partnerships with the Library of Congress and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging


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