Research on Active Push Method of Multi-source Patrol Information in Large-Capacity Communication Network

  • Yan-song HuEmail author
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The traditional large-capacity communication network multi-source patrol information active push method has the defect of poor push effect. For this reason, the active push method of multi-source patrol information in large-capacity communication network is proposed. The differential filtering method is used to preprocess the collected multi-source patrol information, based on the processed multi-source patrol information obtained above. The multi-source patrol information is grouped and clustered to obtain a multi-source patrol information feature set, and the obtained multi-source patrol information feature set is collaboratively filtered to obtain a user-neighbor neighbor multi-source patrol information set. The active push algorithm is used to actively push the nearest neighbor multi-source patrol information, which realizes the active push of multi-source patrol information in the large-capacity communication network. Through experiments, the proposed multi-source patrol information active push method push response time of the large-capacity communication network is 4.1 S less than the traditional method. The proposed multi-source patrol information active push method for large-capacity communication network has better push effect.


High capacity Communications network Multiple sources Inspection information Push 


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