Effect of Ni–Nb Metallic Glass on Moderating the Shock Damage in Crystalline Ni-Amorphous Ni62Nb38 Nanocomposite Structure: A Molecular Dynamics Study

  • K. Vijay ReddyEmail author
  • Snehanshu Pal
Conference paper
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Due to high strength and better corrosion properties, Ni-based alloy components are used in different machineries that are exposed to extreme/impact loading conditions. Structural re-designing of this metallic system can improve their impact resistance and bearing capacity. In this perspective, we have performed molecular dynamics simulation to analyze the effect of Ni–Nb metallic glass on attenuating the shock damage in crystalline Ni-amorphous Ni–Nb nanolaminate structure. Results have shown that the Ni62Nb38 metallic glass has effectively mitigated the damage in the crystalline Ni region at 0.5 and 0.8 km/s. Structurally, Ni62Nb38 metallic glass has shown better stability as higher icosahedral clusters are observed when compared with other Ni–Nb glass compositions after the shock propagation. However, at higher shock velocities, the presence of amorphous phase in the nanolaminate is insignificant as the shock causes large dislocation generation and localized amorphization.


Ni-based alloys Metallic glass Nanolaminate Molecular dynamics 


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