Accelerating Video Processing Inside Embedded Devices to Count Mobility Actors

  • Andrés HerediaEmail author
  • Gabriel Barros-Gavilanes
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1096)


The actual number of surveillance cameras and the different methods for counting vehicles originate the question: What is the best place to process video flows? This work analyze techniques to accelerate a counting system for mobility actors like cars, pedestrians, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, and trucks in the context of an Edge computing application using deep learning. To solve this problem this study presents the analysis and implementation of different techniques based on the use of an additional hardware element as is the case of a Vision Processing Unit (VPU) in combination with methods that affect the resolution, bit rate, and time of video processing. For this purpose we consider the Mobilenet-SSD model with two approaches: a pre-trained model with known data sets and a trained model with images from our specific scenarios. Additionally, we compare an optimized model using OpenVINO toolkit and overclock of hardware. The use of SSD-Mobilenet’s model generates different results in terms of accuracy and time of video processing in the system. Results show that the use of an embedded device in combination with a VPU and video processing techniques reach 18.62 Frames per Second (FPS). Thus, video processing time is slightly superior (5.63 min) for a video of 5 min. Optimized model and overclock show improvements too. Recall and precision values of 91% and 97% are reported in the best case (class car) for the vehicle counting system.


Computer vision Raspberry Pi Mobilenet Single shot detection Convolutional Neural Network Vision Processing Unit OpenVino Overclock 


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