Object Guided Beam Steering Algorithm for Optical Phased Array (OPA) LIDAR

  • Zhiqing WangEmail author
  • Zhiyu Xiang
  • Eryun Liu
Conference paper
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As a fundamental sensor for autonomous driving, light detection and ranging (LIDAR) has gained increasing attentions in recent years. Optical phased array (OPA) LIDAR as a solid-state solution with the advantages of durability and low cost has been actively researched in both the academic and industry fields. Beam steering is a critical problem in OPA LIDAR where the beam can be controlled by software instantaneously. In this paper, we propose an object guided beam steering algorithm where the beams are allocated according to the detected objects in current frame of image. A series of rules are designed to assign different weights to different regions in the scene. We evaluated the algorithm in a simulated environment and the experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.


OPA LIDAR Beam steering Object detection Point cloud segmentation 


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