Small Data Solutions for Semilinear Waves with Time-Dependent Damping and Mass Terms

  • Giovanni GirardiEmail author
Part of the Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis book series (ANHA)


We consider the following Cauchy problem for a wave equation with time-dependent damping term b(t)ut and mass term m(t)2u, and a time-dependent non-linearity h = h(t, u):
$$\displaystyle \begin {cases} u_{tt}-\Delta u+b(t)u_t+m^2(t)u=h(t,u), & t\geq 0, \ x\in \mathbb R^n,\\ u(0,x)=f(x), \quad u_t(0,x)=g(x). \end {cases} $$
Here, we consider an effective time-dependent damping term and a time-dependent mass term, in the case in which the mass is dominated by the damping term, i.e. m(t) = o(b(t)) as t →. Under suitable assumptions on the non-linearity h = h(t, u) (Hypothesis 1.3), we prove the global existence of small data solutions in a supercritical range \(p>\bar p\), assuming small data in the energy space (f, g) ∈ H1 × L2.


Critical exponent Effective damping Damped Klein-Gordon equation 


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