Intelligent Packaging as a Dynamic Marketing Tool for Tourism

  • Athina MountzouriEmail author
  • Apostolos Papapostolou
  • Spyridon Nomikos
Conference paper
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In the age of immense technological developments, a large percentage of tourists, regardless of age, educational level and place of residence, seek knowledge and dynamic interaction in communication and processing of data to the visitor of the tourist area. The development of new technologies as well as the need of the tourist market with increasing demands (qualitative and quantitative) began to redefine the term of packaging (in the wider context of the concept) to the new data. In the field of tourism, the concept of intelligent packaging identifies systems and applications implemented by the packaging industry. Through the new information systems, new communication relationships between transmitter and receiver, tourists and exhibits are supported. The scientific space of Marketing promotes and upgrades, through the technological developments of intelligent systems, to tourism, as a dynamic tool, adapting the new needs of tourists, to the capabilities offered by intelligent systems that mainly concern mobile phone communication. Through new approaches to intelligent communication systems, new interactions are supported. The new formulas that exist on many levels in our society, combined with the innovative developments in electronic communication, shape the human culture and approach of the tourist visitor.


Intelligent packaging IoT 5G NFC Marketing tool Smart tourism 


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  • Spyridon Nomikos
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