Mental Maps and Their Potential for Tourism: A Case Study of Czech Municipality

  • Vladimír NývltEmail author
  • Lenka Ližbetinová
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Tourists incoming to smaller remote regions, and to small and medium-sized municipalities in these regions becomes an issue. These municipalities not only face the question of how to increase their attractiveness for tourists, but also for the inhabitants themselves. The population in such small and medium-sized municipalities has a downward trend, for reasons of leaving for work. In this way, the so-called aging regions and the share of the older generation of people are growing. The development of tourism would be a partial solution to increase the occupational capacity of the population. The aim of the article is to determine the possible setting of the use of mental maps, which will be the basis for an effective strategic plan to develop the attractiveness of the Milevsko region within tourism. The article is based on the analysis of the secondary data of the region, analysis of the trends in the area, statistical data, results of the already implemented Milevsko map and interviews with the municipality representatives. The Milevsko microregion is an ideal area for rest and recreation, especially thanks to the large number of culturally historical monuments, charming landscape, pleasant climatic conditions, easy accessibility and peaceful rural character.


Small and medium-sized municipalities Mental map Feeling map Tourism 



The research described in this paper has been financed by TAČR—program ÉTA—project TL02000559 Safe and secure cities for pedestrians and senior citizens, (Bezpečná města pro chodce a seniory).


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