Tourism in Mexico and the Use of Cultural Heritage as a Commodification’s Product

  • Lilián Marisa Méndez Ravina
  • M. Gabriel Alberto Aviña Solares
  • Hilda Solís Martínez
Conference paper
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In 2018 Mexico occupied the sixth place worldwide of the most visited countries this is a sample of the importance of the tourist industry in the country especially in the visited communities, many of these communities possess a wide principally cultural heritage which can be used as a product of commodification. The aim of the present research is to give a deep look to national tourism since it interacts with the cultural heritage finally to define its utilization as a product of tourist commodification. In the present research the tourism shows itself in numbers in Mexico like that also the concept of tourism, and cultural heritage for the comprehension of the topic, cultural, equally it is investigated in the relation of the cultural heritage with their utilization tourist, cases are exposed to commodification of the culture as a tourist product, demonstrating some problems and advantages that the activity has left in regions where tourism is an economically important activity for the local development. Since conclusion has that, the participation of the original groups performs great importance for the tourist management of the patrimonial resources, in a set with the actions thought by the government and the institutions involved with the tourist industry.


Tourism in Mexico Cultural heritage Tourism commodification 


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  • Lilián Marisa Méndez Ravina
    • 1
  • M. Gabriel Alberto Aviña Solares
    • 1
  • Hilda Solís Martínez
    • 1
  1. 1.EST, Instituto Politécnico NacionalMéxico CityMexico

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