The Touristic Upgrade Through Preservation and Respect of Environmental and Cultural Heritage: The Ayasi Project

  • Emily Papapetrou
  • Ioanna Chatzistamatiou
Conference paper
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This chapter aims to address the duty of maintaining and honoring our natural and cultural inheritance in the field of tourism. On this attempt we have created a project to represent this idea of ameliorating cultural and touristic services. It is about the alternation of an old traditional private residence in Paros island into agrotouristic guest houses with ecologically friendly solutions. Agrotourism is an original type of tourism where costumers are not only offered accommodation but instead they are given the chance to get involved with close to nature and culture activities. This project stands as a fine example of how tourism instead of aiming in low quality and short term profit could be inviting costumers to get closer to nature and tradition and support cultural education and local economy.


Agrotourism Local landscape Cultural and architectural heritage Branding 


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  • Emily Papapetrou
    • 1
  • Ioanna Chatzistamatiou
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  1. 1.University of West AtticaAigaleoGreece

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