European Works Councils in the Airline Industry

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European Works Councils (EWCs) have been present in most of the large airline carriers in the European Economic Area (EEA) since EWC Directive 94/45/EC in the mid 1990s. As privatization of the national EEA airlines and increased competition have occurred, the number of airline EWC agreements has decreased. There are now only three EEA major multinational airline groups with EWC agreements (Air France KLM; Lufthansa Group; International Airlines Group). The two EEA major discount airlines (Ryanair and easyjet) have recently added EWCs, but copies of these agreements are not available for analysis. Labour conflicts have plagued the EEA airline industry for the past three decades which has created work environments of low trust and frequent strikes. Until pay equity and working condition issues are resolved within the EEA airline conglomerates, it is unlikely that their EWCs will be able to contribute effectively to improving organizational outcomes.


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