Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm (MCSA) For Extracting the ODF Maxima

  • Mohammad ShehabEmail author
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 877)


In this section, the modified CSA (MCSA) is presented for extracting the ODF maxima (MCSA-ODF). CSA was proposed by Yang and Deb in 2009. To date, work on this algorithm has significantly increased, and CSA currently has its rightful place among other optimization methodologies (Shehab et al. 2017). MCSA is based on replacing the random selection process with the tournament selection scheme. Thus, the probability of achieving better results is increased, thereby avoiding premature convergence. Performance is validated by applying several benchmarks (Shehab and Khader 2018). The results of the experimental indicate that MCSA performs better than the standard CSA and the other compared methods. Subsequently, MCSA is applied to extract the ODF maxima, namely, MCSA-ODF.


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