Load Balancing in Hybrid Clouds Through Process Mining Monitoring

  • Kenneth K. AzumahEmail author
  • Sokol Kosta
  • Lene T. Sørensen
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11874)


An increasing number of organisations are harnessing the benefits of hybrid cloud adoption to support their business goals and achieving privacy and control in a private cloud whilst enjoying the on-demand scalability of the public cloud. However the complexity introduced by the combination of the public and private clouds worsens visibility in cloud monitoring with regards compliance to given business constraints. Load balancing as a technique for evenly distributing workloads can be leveraged together with processing mining to help ease the monitoring challenge. In this paper we propose a load balancing approach to distribute workloads in order to minimise violations to specified business constraints. The scenario of a hospital consultation process is employed as a use case in monitoring and controlling Octavia load balancing-as-a-service in OpenStack. The results show a co-occurrence of constraint violations and Octavia L7 Policy creation, indicating a successful application of process mining monitoring in load balancing.


Hybrid cloud Process mining Event calculus OpenStack Octavia 


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