Chronic Pain: Neuromodulation

  • Zoe E. Teton
  • Ahmed M. RaslanEmail author


Chronic pain is one of the most pervasive, debilitating, and expensive conditions encountered by healthcare professionals and faced by patients. Chronic pain treatment is highly varied, increasingly complex, and challenging to healthcare providers. The neurosurgeon possesses a unique set of tools to treat chronic pain, especially when other modalities have failed: neuromodulation. In this chapter the most commonly utilized neuromodulatory techniques are highlighted, and a discussion of efficacy rates, clinical indications, and complications is provided.


Neuromodulation Pain Intracerebroventricular opioids Intrathecal Spinal cord stimulation Deep brain stimulation Motor cortex stimulation Dorsal root ganglion stimulation Peripheral nerve stimulation Occipital neuralgia Occipital nerve stimulation Trigeminal nerve stimulation 


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