Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: Deep Brain Stimulation

  • Michael H. Pourfar
  • Alon Y. MogilnerEmail author


Tourette syndrome (TS) is a disorder manifested by motor and vocal tics, frequently associated with other behavioral disorders. While TS frequently improves as patients age, a subset of patients remain disabled by their condition and are candidates for surgical intervention. DBS has been shown to be effective in refractory TS patients, although the most appropriate target remains a subject of debate, with multiple intracranial DBS targets demonstrating similar clinical efficacy. We discuss the underlying physiology of TS, a history of neurosurgical intervention for this condition beginning with lesioning and proceeding to DBS, and review surgical technique, complications, and outcome.


Tourette syndrome DBS Medial thalamus Globus pallidus Tic disorder Internal capsule OCD ADHD Tourette Syndrome Association Movement disorder 


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