A Health Point-Based Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment Strategy for Video Games

  • Juan SuazaEmail author
  • Edwin GamboaEmail author
  • María TrujilloEmail author
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Commonly, video games make a clear division on the difficulty offered (e.g. Easy, Medium, Hard), causing that players often do not experience what game designers intended. In this document, we propose a dynamic difficulty adjustment strategy for health point-based video games based on a heuristic evaluation performed at play time. This means that a video game may change its difficulty based on players’ performance while they play. To test our strategy, we implement a fighting video game and perform an evaluation with \(10^{th}\) grade students from Institución Educativa Multipropósito. Based on our results, the students considered that the game is balanced, suggesting that this strategy is a viable choice to implement and test in other video games.


Video games Dynamic difficulty adjustment Heuristics 


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