Transverse Upper Gracilis Flap in Breast Reconstruction

  • Gottfried WechselbergerEmail author
  • Karl Schwaiger


The transverse myocutaneous gracilis flap (TMG, TUG) is a major evolution in breast reconstruction. Systematic clinical application for breast reconstruction started in the early beginning of the new millennium after discovering the major advantages of this musculo-adipo-cutaneous free flap. Low donor-site morbidity, constant anatomy, and easy two-team approach are a few arguments for considering this valuable tissue source for breast reconstruction. This chapter is a systematic workup of the flap, including practical surgical tips and case presentations.


TMG flap TUG flap Breast reconstruction Breast cancer Gracilis flap Free flap breast reconstruction Mastectomy Nipple-sparing mastectomy Skin-sparing mastectomy Tissue transfer Microsurgery 

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