Secure Data Integrity in Cloud Storage with Multi-level Hash Indexing Technique

  • T. P. KavyashreeEmail author
  • A. S. Poornima
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A growing technology which offers storage, compute and network resources over the internet on a pay-for-use basis can be named as cloud computing. Cloud Storage is one of computing and service model in which the system allows you to store, manage, maintained and backed up remotely over a network and made available to users to use. Data integrity implies that the accuracy, validity of data over its Life cycle has to be maintained and any violations are to be detected like if data is loss, altered or compromised. User money and time can be saved by using cloud services. So user loses control over the data as there are maintained, stored by the cloud and it can be hacked, tampered by the attacker. Now integrity of data has to be maintained in a cloud where data is present in cloud. Here the aim is to provide data integrity for which the data will be stored in the cloud by user. Here paper says, we need to have an auditing technique which must be efficient and check the data integrity using Third party auditor (TPA), the auditing schemes uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure hash algorithm for encryption and to generate verification meta data respectively and using multi-level hash indexing technique to eliminate duplicate files, reduce storage consumption of file which is stored in the cloud.


Cloud storage Data Integrity AES algorithm Secure Hash algorithm Multi-level Hash Index Technique 


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