Android Based e-Voting Mobile App Using Google Firebase as BaaS

  • Urmil Bharti
  • Deepali BajajEmail author
  • Tulika
  • Payal Budhiraja
  • Meghna Juyal
  • Sushmita Baral
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Making choices and choosing from options are always a part of life and everyone wants options to choose from. Similarly when it comes to voting and elections, it gives power of making choices to the people. Voting is a democratic way of making decisions. Counting Ballots takes a long time that causes delayed results. Furthermore calculating results could be biased and time consuming which causes voters to wait for the results. In today’s scenario as everything is pacing up and new ideas and inventions are always appreciated, our mobile app “Adhikaar” is also one of them. This Android voting app is more efficient and convenient to conduct and manage elections as compared to traditional manual methods. The app has a simple and interactive GUI for voting system and maintains its database using Google Firebase platform. Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service—BaaS that lets users build more powerful, secure and scalable apps. Adhikaar enables user to cast their vote from anywhere, anytime without waiting in long queues. This app is purely eco-friendly since no paper is required. Election results are calculated automatically and declared instantly thus reducing human effort and chances of human errors.


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  • Payal Budhiraja
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  • Meghna Juyal
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  • Sushmita Baral
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