Concept, Method and Application of Computational BIM

  • Lushuang WeiEmail author
  • Shangwei Liu
  • Qun Wei
  • Ying Wang
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1084)


Dynamo which is developed based on the basic concept of visual programming has become a platform mainly used in AEC of construction industry. Dynamo has three prominent features: (1) with internal architecture completely independent of any software platform, Dynamo has independent graphics engine nodes, and through node parameterization, it can make general geometric modeling, edit and extend line, surface, shape and entity; (2) Dynamo has an independent, full-featured calculation engine which can process many conventional mathematical operations and logic decisions, and the flexible input and output can export and store data visually; (3) Dynamo’s open source code provides convenience for users to develop and compile. Developers, according to their different needs, can import python or other languages into Dynamo to extend it into a more professional and powerful software system. Combined with practical engineering applications, this paper uses Dynamo’s enormous computing power and BIM’s visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization and drawing to solve problems in engineering design. The emergence of Dynamo has pushed BIM into a new stage of integrated calculation & programming and graphics generation.


Digital graphic medium Computational BIM Dynamo CAD Graphics and image processing 


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