Pions in Matter Matter

  • Christoph HartnackEmail author
Part of the FIAS Interdisciplinary Science Series book series (FIAS)


The Isospin Quantum Molecular Dynamics Model (IQMD) is used to analyse the properties of pions in heavy ion collisions in the range beyond 2 AGeV. We find a strong rescattering causing the pions to show a signature of rather low freeze out densities even if they are initiated at high densities. The analysis of the pion sideward flow may yield insights into the delta-nucleon interaction. The mass distribution of the final delta does not need a medium mass shift of the pole in order to be understood. The analysis of pion isospin ratios may reveal information on the neutron skin of the nucleus.


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  1. 1.SUBATECH, UMR 6457 IMT Atlantique, IN2P3/CNRS, Université de NantesNantesFrance

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