Novel Approach for Designing the Deployment of Urban Wifi Based on an Urban 3D Model and a Web Tool

  • Iñaki PrietoEmail author
  • Jose Luis Izkara
  • Sara Diez
  • Mauri Benedito
Conference paper
Part of the Sustainable Civil Infrastructures book series (SUCI)


The usage of WIFI and in particular the urban WIFI has exponentially grown in the last years. However, the deployment of an urban WIFI system is a tedious labour that needs a lot of field work in order to deploy and later validation of the system. In this paper a novel approach for deploying urban WIFI is presented which is based on an urban 3D model and by mean of a web tool. The main objective of this tool is the development of a system that allows to obtain, from a 3D urban model, a catalogue of specifications and predefined rules; a proposal of solutions that indicate the ideal positions and the types of WIFI devices needed to increase the coverage offered at the minimum cost. In order to do that, the tool uses a web 2D and 3D viewer of coverage distribution maps and as it is possible to configure the catalogue, the predefined rules and all steps in the tool, as a result the needed access points and antennas are minimized.



The work of this paper has been done as part of the project WIFIGIS “Sistema de identificación de localizaciones óptimas basado en un modelo urbano 3D para el despliegue de WIFI urbano” with reference ZL-2017/00211.


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  • Iñaki Prieto
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    Email author
  • Jose Luis Izkara
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  • Sara Diez
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  • Mauri Benedito
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  1. 1.Sustainable Construction DivisionTecnalia Research & InnovationDerioSpain
  2. 2.R&D DepartmentAmbar TelecomunicacionesSantanderSpain
  3. 3.Estudios GISVitoria-GasteizSpain

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