Slope Movements in the Southwest of Khoy County, Iran (Characterizations, Causes and Solutions)

  • Akbar KhodavirdizadehEmail author
  • Ebrahim Asghari-Kaljahi
Conference paper
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The southwest area of Khoy County, in the Northwest of Iran, due to geological conditions and its location in Sanandaj-Sirjan geological zone, is one of the hazardous regions regarding to landslides. Geology formations of this area are consisting of sedimentary, metamorphic and volcanic rocks. In this paper, first, the geological characterizations of the study area have been presented, and then the instable slopes are introduced. The reasons of slopes instability have been discussed. The main factors of slope instabilities in this area are groundwater, rock weathering, dynamic shocks and road/railway construction are known. In this paper, the conditions and factors (characterizations) of landslide activity have been analyzed. In south west of Khoy, some landslides in road slopes occur after heavy rainfalls. There are some historical landslides along roads slopes and rural residential areas. Main historical landslide is Gougerd in the south of the Avrin Mountain. The mechanism of most landslides in soil slopes are rotational, the depth of slide surface is ranging from 3 to 45 m. The height road slope slides reaches to 50 m and in mountain areas reach 1100 m. The results showed that the main factors of landslides are precipitation and groundwater table rising, erosion of slope foot by the rivers and dynamic loads such as of railway and road traffic.


Road slopes Landslide Groundwater Gougerd Khoy 


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  • Akbar Khodavirdizadeh
    • 1
    Email author
  • Ebrahim Asghari-Kaljahi
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  1. 1.Engineering GeologyKhoyIran
  2. 2.Department of Earth SciencesUniversity of TabrizTabrizIran

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