Insecticide Spraying Using Quadcopter

  • Ashwini G. MuleEmail author
  • R. P. Chaudhari
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India is second highest populated country in the world. India has almost 13 billion populations. In other side the area under farming degrading day to day. So, now to fulfill the need of food we have to increase the food production. While achieving the high production rate farmer needs to accept advance technology in their farms. But, Indian farmers are not rich to buy costly equipment for spraying pesticides or insecticides in their farm. To solve this problem, we are presenting low cost insecticide quadcopter. Use of pesticides plays important role in agricultural fields for a better crop yielding. To increase crop production, speed of every process related to farming should be increased. Considering climate conditions, environmental situations, manual spraying of pesticides may consume more time. Our proof of concept model will be low cost and ideal for Indian farmer who have low surface area for farming.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ESC Atmega 2560 pesticide mechanism 


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