Build Optimization Using Jenkins

  • M. N. RakshithEmail author
  • N. Shivaprasad
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 38)


With the advances in technology there are various software models and tools which have been developed as a platform for the validation and testing the framework. With increase in these platforms the developers face huge challenges in the process of developing a new software for their specific product thus Continuous Integration (CI) comes into the picture. CI is a practice which improves the efficiency and lessens the work complexity by integrating their work in a baseline frequently. One such tool that is widely being used for such practices is Jenkins . As a client server model, is used to trigger the build whenever a user check-in into the repository. Jenkins allows to perform this implementation with the use of numerous plug-ins. This work mainly aims at building the gap between the systematic literature survey and proposes a method which acts as an optimal way of solution for the reduced stop and wait time involved in the CI, with the view of optimization of build time. This method optimizes the serving time, code quality and code coverage capability for a developer.


Continuous integration Build optimization Build time Jenkins 


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