Design and Development of an Internet of Things Based Test and Measuring Instrument

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As number of sensors and instruments are increasing exponentially, huge amount of data is generated. This data must be analysed efficiently. Thus, applications to visualize and analyse the data is required. IOT involves devices being embedded with software and sensors to internet, further enabling to collect and exchange data without human interaction.

Designing and developing an Internet of Things based test and measuring instrument is required for better analyzing and measuring data. Data is accessed at real-time using ThingSpeak Cloud and the web application is developed in MEAN stack. Data is gathered from devices example sensors/instruments which are connected to a microcontroller, NodeMCU ESP 8266 to further send data to cloud.

Generated data is stored locally and in cloud, it can be further analyzed and is useful for many industrial applications. Major areas are home automation, electrical appliances, testing of handheld instrument and many more.


Internet of things ThingSpeak NodeMCU MEAN stack 


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