INTERNET OF THINGS Its Application Usage and the Problem Yet to Face

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With the increasing technological growth, technological developments, the demand for digital security system is increased in the last two decades, which is actually required to design a highly secured digital locker in this current scenario. The paper is about to show the application of IOT Technology in the bank locker and the home set up locker technology . The future of Internet of Things (IOT) is already upon us. IoT plays a vital role in various domains like security, communication, Healthcare, Energy and industrial Automation technologies. IoT based smart locker is relatively a new concept, where it focuses on the ease of management. It focuses on easy management and assignment of lockers to users by taking the entire hassling system online using the fundamentals of Internet of Things (IOT) by connecting the entire mechanism to the cloud by means of cloud computing technologies, Although the IOT technology provides a safer, better, smarter solution for the domestic and industrial automation and security service to our data and the operands. For the secure system design we can use the IOT because at provide one more level of security. The IOT was used in locker as a security channel so that our user can operate the Locker by itself with or without his presence for the IOT channel security purpose we use the most common type of device having an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cloud inside named as ESP8266 (A micro controller contain device that is use to connect any hardware to the internet) it is the launchpad for the whole IOT system. The major contribution of the paper to make the locker safer and to show the IOT technology application in the various domain. The smart locker is very convenient, efficient than the traditional used locker which required the repairing of lock key etc. the analog and digital method is provided to the locker in order to make it more robust in nature.


IOT Launchpad Smart locker ESP8266 Cloud computing AI cloud 


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