Advances in Pd Membranes for Hydrogen Production from Residual Biomass and Wastes

  • M. MaroñoEmail author
  • D. Alique
Part of the Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World book series (ECSW, volume 42)


Hydrogen production from residual biomass and wastes is a sustainable approach for reducing their final accumulation in landfills and simultaneously a very promising alternative for the energy recovery. Most developed technologies to produce H2 from residual biomass and wastes are reviewed in this chapter focusing on the separation/purification of the produced hydrogen. Suitability of both thermochemical and biological technologies for hydrogen production is described, and examples of industrial processes are included. Basics of hydrogen separation/purification with membranes are detailed, and suitable separation technologies for the purification of hydrogen produced from biomass and waste conversion are presented focusing on the most recent advances in Pd-based membranes. The use of membrane reactors in which the traditional chemical reaction is combined to the continuous extraction of the main product with high purity, in this case hydrogen, is particularly interesting, being also addressed the most recent developments in this field.


Hydrogen production Wastes Residual biomass Valorization Palladium Membrane Membrane reactor CO2 capture 



Autothermal reforming


Carbon capture and storage


Carbon capture and utilization


Direct current


Dark fermentation


Department Of Energy (United States of America)


Dry oxidation reforming


Dry reforming


East Asia and Pacific region


Electroless plating


Electroless plating with additional protective layer


Electroless pore-plating


European Union


Fluidized-bed reactor


Greenhouse gases


Gas hourly space velocity


High temperature


Hydrogen recovery factor


Integrated gasification combined cycle


Low temperature




Membrane reactor


Municipal solid waste


Natural gas


Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development


Olive mill wastewater


Osmosis-assisted electroless plating


Packed bed reactor


Printed circuit board


Pore filling


Partial oxidation reforming


Pressure swing adsorption


Porous stainless steel


Refuse-derived fuel


Refuse fraction


Radio frequency


Scanning electron microscopy


Sorption-enhanced water–gas shift


Steam–iron process


Steam methane reforming off-gas


Synthetic natural gas


Steam reforming


Solid recovered fraction


United States of America


Vacuum-assisted electroless plating


Water–gas shift



We would express our gratitude to professors Z. Zhang, W. Zhang, and E. Lichtfouse, editors of this book, for the opportunity to prepare a contribution based on the advances in Pd membranes for hydrogen production from residual biomass and wastes. Some words of thanks need also to be dedicated to the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for supporting the research activities of CIEMAT and URJC on this topic through diverse public research projects: PSE-120000-2008-29, ENE2009-08002, IPT-2012-0365-120000 and ENE-2007-66959, CTQ2010-21102-C02-01, CTQ2013-44447-R, and ENE2017-83696-R, respectively. Finally, we also thank all rights for reproducing figures and tables from previous works.

List of Symbols

α H2/N2

Ideal separation factor between hydrogen and nitrogen

E a

Activation energy (kJ mol−1)

k H2

Hydrogen permeability (mol m−1 s−1 Pa−0.5)

k′ H2

Hydrogen permeance (mol m−2 s−1 Pa−0.5)

K int

Intra-particle diffusion coefficient

J i

Permeate flux of component i (i.e., hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.) (mol s−1)


Exponent of pressure driving force in Sieverts’ law


Pressure (Pa)

P p,i

Pressure of component i in the permeate side (Pa)

P r,i

Pressure of component i in the retentate side (Pa)

η mem

Membrane effectiveness factor


Temperature (°C)


Thickness (μm)

X i

Chemical conversion of component i (%)


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