Smart Waste Management System Using IoT

  • V. Pavan SankeerthEmail author
  • V. Santosh Markandeya
  • E. Sri Ranga
  • V. Bhavana
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With the rapid growth of population, one of the most important problems that India faces is waste management. The highly populated metropolitan cities generate tons of waste every day. It is seen that a large portion of the trash across the roadside are over loaded because the waste is not gathered intermittently. It makes unhygienic condition for the general population and makes awful smell around the environment. This spreads some fatal infections and human ailment. This work proposes a brilliant waste administration framework which will deal with proper processing of garbage. The proposed system uses a micro controller which consists of Wi-Fi system, ultrasonic sensors and Web Server. In this technique the bins are equipped with ultrasonic sensors to measure the garbage level and sends this data to a server using micro controller with Wi-Fi technology over internet. The server monitors the garbage bins that are spread across the city at multiple locations. The system notifies the garbage truck driver when the garbage has to be removed based on the garbage level of the bin. The server sends SMS to the assigned mobile number which provides a route to the driver based on all the data collected from bins. This system makes waste management in metropolitan cities more efficient.


Solid waste management Internet of Things Sensor Smart garbage bin 


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  • V. Santosh Markandeya
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  • E. Sri Ranga
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  • V. Bhavana
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